ACS Badminton Court

Badminton Court A

ACS Badminton Court

at Jakarta Timur
  • Jl. Bantar Jati No.7, Setu, Cipayung, Jakarta Timur
  • From Rp. 150.000 / Hour
  • Monday – Friday: 06:00 AM – 22:00 PM
    Saturday - Sunday: 06:00 AM – 22:00 PM

Instructions: To enter the premises, kindly please show your vaccine certificate to the security prior to entering. This is a strict regulation. Failure to show vaccine certificate will result in no entry for that person.

Additional info:

Check in at the receptionist by showing your booking confirmation email.

  • Refund Policy:
    Free refund on requests made 7 days before booking date by sending us an email with your booking order number to [email protected]
  • Cancellation notice:
    The venue owner reserves the right to use the venue for event purposes. In the case of event use, the venue owner and Flex will notify this cancellation at the earliest and will provide full refund.
Category: Badminton

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